Join us for a completely online 3-day challenge for women on May 23-25th.   

The valleys of our lives can be deep and dark, and we don't want to breeze past that reality. With Jesus, safe spaces, and locking arms with other women, we can boldly claw our way out of our valley spaces, and into hopeful places.

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Since the very first light of time, we know all too well that women have also known a darkness true to us: loss, grief, abandonment, disappointment, abuse, mental illness, addiction; we’ve struggled with being overlooked, being picked last for the team, and attempting to break glass ceilings. And the list only goes on — we are not strangers to the reality of hardship women face throughout their lives.

Which is why we have gathered some of the world's most engaging and hope-filled speakers for a completely online 3-day challenge to help you become bolder about your healing, your story, and your faith.

There's no shame or ambition here, just complete surrender to a God that will boldly proclaim that He is our Father and we are His daughters...worthy to have hope.

Don't miss this moment, and don't go through it alone. Text a friend now. Let's go be bold gals.

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Our challenge is completely online. Tune in via Zoom from your couch, car, hiding in your bathroom, with a group of friends or just you and Jesus. 


The challenge is 3 days long, May 23-25th starting at 7pm est every night. We'll say it now; don't miss a night, trust us. 


Each speaker will have a session of anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes. You'll get to enjoy these speakers live and spend time receiving live answers to your live questions!


We're tired of seeing women process through brokenness alone. We're tired of seeing women in valleys with no real, practical ways to get out. We want to equip women on how to boldly reach for hope. You, hopeful woman, are our why. 

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We called this a challenge for a reason.   

We are calling this a challenge because we know that the enemy will do anything he can to keep you from hope. Don't let him. We've come through too much this past year not to fight boldly for what's ours. And hope, indeed, is ours. Join us! 

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We want to create a safe space for all women, no matter where you're at or what you need. Please reach out to our team if you need any helps at all! 

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